Castle/Manor Floor Tiles

Castle/Manor Floor Tiles

Product Description

Improve your next Tabletop session with our fancy Tile set!

In this Set you will find a detailed design of a fancier stone floor. The design is included in different orientations to allow a high level of flexibility when creating your very own terrain piece for your next game. The design is crafted in clean or weathered variants, depending on your needs.
Totaling 8 Different designs to create new adventures for you and your friends.

All included Files are scaled for 28mm Miniatures. Each Tile is 4” x 4” (10,2x10,2cm) big and can be scaled up or down freely to fit your needs.

The Files can be printed on both SLA and FDM Printers alike. All our Files come presupported for SLA printers.

All our Designs are protected under copyright laws! Upon downloading these files, you agree to use them for personal use ONLY! These files are not to be sold in digital or printed form.


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